How to register at the Bridgend Group Practice
Ashfield/Newcastle Surgery.

You will need your NHS number to register (we MUST have your NHS number) – you can obtain this from your previous surgery. All GP records are now linked and the NHS number is used to identify each person and electronically transfer your record.

You will need to fill out forms for every person at the address who wishes to register.

If anyone is on repeat medication they will need to bring a copy of the repeat slip with them to attach to the registration form and they will require an appointment with the Health Care Assistant in either surgery.

If you are not on any medication, you will not be required to make an appointment.

The process of registering takes 48 hours from the time we receive the paperwork - if you have seen the HCA, it will be 48 hours after your appointment. We will then have access to your records and information and you are able to make appointments and order repeat medications.

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